Our Team

Domaines Paul Mas UK’s subsidiary is managed by Elin Mann, Audrey Bouttier and Larisa Zamsa, a team of wine lovers passionate about everything happening in the world of wine.

Elin Mann – Commercial Director: A native Swede with over 13 years experience of working in the wine industry. Elin started her career in Sweden before moving to the UK, spending the last 7 years working for Paul Mas’ former agent before the London subsidiary was created in 2012. Elin has gained great experience from various sales and marketing positions through the years, has great understanding of customer trends and an in-depth knowledge of dealing with national accounts. 

Get in touch with Elin: emann@paulmas.com – 07 771 96 96 97

Audrey Bouttier – Export Manager: After graduating in International Business in Edinburgh, Audrey felt the need to go back to her French roots and started working for a French wine merchant where she acquired her knowledge of French wine for 2 years. She went on exploring the world of online wine retail for over 4 years, managing ecommerce plateforms for Baarsma Wines and later on for Slurp.co.uk before joining Coté Mas London in March 2013.

Get in touch with Audrey: abouttier@paulmas.com – 0207 389 1475 – 07 500 876 063

Valéria Rontini  – Export Sales Assistant – vrontini@paulmas.com – Commercial Support Executive

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